To Our Patrons, Friends & Family

The following message is written from the bottom of my heart to everyone that I had the opportunity to cook for over the last few years.

It is currently 12:13 in the morning following a busy and successful Saturday evening dinner service. I am sitting at my desk, my slip-on kitchen shoes bouncing on my toes (because I can never seem to sit still) feeling a wonderful sense of pride and satisfaction. I am proud of the business that we have built, proud of the many meals that we prepared, proud of our staff and how hard they have worked to help make this restaurant such a wonderful place, and feel honored to have had the pleasure of working side by side with them.

I am so grateful to be able to call this restaurant my own, but sitting here I realize that it is not mine, It’s yours, the customer, the guest, the patron! I opened this restaurant for everyone to enjoy and just happened to be lucky enough to tag along for the ride. I have met so many wonderful people, many who have become friends and who are an influential part of my life.

The decision to close does not bring feelings of sadness, but a true sense of joy and excitement. It is time for me to begin a new chapter in my life and I look forward to what life will throw my way.

Many of you know how strongly I feel that the most important thing in life is our family and friends. As I start this new adventure, I am most excited about spending more time with my son and daughter (before I accidentally blink for a split second too long and I open my eyes, they are all grown up). I am looking forward to cooking more at home and sharing my passion for food with my children.

Lastly, I feel that it is important to say that at this point in my life it is necessary for me to step away from the restaurant industry, which has been my home away from home and my passion for the last 15 plus years, so that I do not lose that love for it or my passion for food.

It has been an honor and pleasure to have had this opportunity, I look forward to the day that we will see each other again!


With All of My Love,


Michael Benson | Executive Chef/Owner

Heritage 485 Restaurant


P.S. I will be honoring a few private event reservations throughout the next few weeks. I will be contacting those individuals Immediately to inform them.

For anyone that has any questions or needs to reach me, my email address will be maintained indefinitely as well as my Google number 301-485-9629. Please do not leave a message on the house restaurant main number.